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Safe road trip experience

A road trip is often the best way to explore if you’re looking to appreciate the diversity of natural scenery you would otherwise miss from a plane. And it’s an especially good idea if you’re one of those travelers who enjoys the freedom and flexibility to travel at your own pace.
With some truly stunning roads throughout the world, your first decision is planning out where you want to drive. And then you should conduct some research on how to stay safe, as every country will have different road rules, environments and landscapes.
Here are our 5 best tips for a safe road trip experience.

Research Your Roads
Especially in some areas of Eastern Europe and South America, you may run into problems due to streets being closed (protests), or controlled by military forces.
Make sure you keep yourself updated about what’s going on in the country you want to visit, and create a safe itinerary made up of secure streets and areas.
Plus, when researching your roads, make a note of where the checkpoints are if you’re crossing the border into a different country, and be sure to have your passport handy.
Respect the Road Rules of the Country You’re In
Every country has a different set of rules and their own traffic code you need to adhere to, and ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law!
Research things like which side of the road you’ll be expected to drive on, whether or not you can smoke in the car, if it’s legal to talk on the mobile phone while driving etc. You don’t want to have to pay an international fine or face jail time.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
The most enjoyable trips are those which flow without stressing too much. So don’t rush things and don’t push yourself too hard! Don’t set yourself unreasonable deadlines which mean you’ll need to speed, and plan a buffer of extra time in case of delays or spontaneous detours.
Get some rest when you need it and plan to make several stops to enjoy the landscapes, and stretch your legs. The essence of road tripping is to take each day at your own pace, so don’t rush things!

Use a (Real) Map!
We all know we have our smartphones but, in several areas (especially remote destinations with wide natural spaces) it can be tricky to find a good connection and your GPS signal may get lost.
Or let’s say your battery dies. Either way, make sure you’re prepared with an old fashioned paper map, just in case. You can mark your itinerary’s main attractions and live the trip in a different and more adventurous way!

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